Play Therapy is where you come to a play room and work together with a person called a Play Therapist through playing to sort out any difficulties you are experiencing. The play room will have sand and figurines, arts and crafts materials, stories, miniatures, puppets, musical instruments, role play toys and much more to choose from. It is up to you what you choose to play with. It is also ok to just talk if you wish.

Usually a child comes to Play Therapy if there is something happening in their life that they are finding difficult to manage all by themselves. Sometimes when this happens your feelings can seem very big. Play Therapy allows you a space to sort out these feelings and find a way to help yourself to feel better. The Play Therapist will sometimes work with your parents to find a way for them to help you to feel better too.


The Play Therapist will meet with you to discuss the difficulties you are currently experiencing and what creative methods you would like to try out in the sessions. Some young people like to use drawing, painting and clay, others prefer to use sand and figures, relaxation and visualisations and yet more prefer to talk. The Play Therapist will check out with you your preference and go from there. Using these creative methods can help you to gain an insight and greater awareness to what is causing the difficulty for you and find a solution to moving forward.

Referral Process

A child can be referred by;

  • Parents/Carers
  • GP Referral
  • School Referral
  • Family Project Referral(Wicklow Child and Family)
  • Tusla Referral
  • Camhs Referral

After initial referral Annemarie will have a consultation with parents or carers before meeting with the child. This is a parent information and support meeting and takes approximately 1hr to 1hr 30min.
This allows Annemarie to gather a full background of the child and family life. After this meeting a program of individual Play Therapy sessions are scheduled. Annemarie will meet parents or carers midway through this program to review how things are going for the child and family.

Recommended Reading


Books about Play Therapy
Book name Price
Child Centered Play Therapy by Janet West €14.99
The Handbook of Play Therapy by Linnot McMahon €18.99
Story Telling with Children by Nancy Mellon €10.99